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The Seven Star path

is the way

of gentle fury


The purest time

is the present instant


The true beginner

is his own master


The Seven Star Praying Mantis system combines the strong kicks and punches of a hard-style with the graceful fluidity one expects to see in soft styles. It builds sturdy elasticity in the muscles, bones, and tendons. A man or woman who practices with ardent fidelity and patience becomes able to defeat opponents whose size and strength is greater, more than one at a time, and to do so with ease.


The style is fast and furious—graceful and balanced—timing and explosive. It emphasizes mental growth more than physical, although the training is based largely on vigorous physical activity. It builds in its devoted practitioners health and soundness of mind body and resiliency of character that makes them fully prepared to meet life’s challenges.


Muscle Changing Classic (Yi Jun Jing)...
Finding that the monks of Shaolin were weary and unhealthy, they were drilled in an    exercise set to develop Qi (Vital energy) and to improve their fitness. Today, the same set is also done at the beginning of every class to develop Chi (same as Qi) and open the meridans for proper blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.

Energy Work (Qigong or Chi Kung)...
Exercises designed to coordinate, develop, and/or increase Chi. Although internal in nature, the development of this energy is done through intense physical training. Training which is necessary when developing the muscle connecting energy used in its external application.


Push Hands (Tuishou)...
A two person exercise that begins using simple pre-defined sets of movements to teach coordination. As the students advance, emphasis is placed on bringing internal strength to the extremities and maintaining control while moving in contact with another person. Over time, more complex movements are added and constraints removed until Push Hands becomes free sparring.


Seize and Hold (Chin Na or Qin Na)...
The Chinese art of bone and Joint locking. This is the art of grappling and controlling an opponent's limbs, usually by manipulating the joints or muscles. With current aggressors turning more and more to physical grappling, this skill becomes incredibly useful to today's martial artist.

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