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Master Kwan (middle) and Don Moy with students at Hip Sing Kung Fu Academy of Chicago

Grandmaster Wu's and Master Kwan's students after a demonstration 

Sifu Paula, Master Kwan, Grandmaster Tsai, Master Andrew Lee, Shifu Shi Yong Bin

Founding members of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Coalition 

Past and present martial arts Masters of Chicago. Pictures will be added periodically as they are rediscovered from the vaults of the Kung Fu Academy of Chicago. The future of martial arts depends on the strength of it's community, the cooperation of different styles, and the dedication that our students have the preserve the history of our craft.

Master Kwan, Grandmaster Lily Lau, Sifu Jimmy Chan 

"The Monkey King" Master Webb and Master Kwan 

(middle) Sifu Lee Lera, Sifu Jeff, Shifu Shi Yong Bin

Master Kwan and Grandmaster Hsu Fun Yen 

Master Chino and Master Kwan 

Master Kwan, Master Chino, and Master Dunlap

Master Kwan and Professor Ruben Torres

Master Larry Tankston, Master Kwan, and Shihan Joe Gangi

O'Shinan Julio Ortiz and Master Kwan

Sifu Lee Lera and Shifu Shi Yong Bin

Master Andrew Lee

Tom Heriaud (Midwest Black belt Federation) 

Master Kwan,  Master Blas Hernandez, Sifu D. Holliday

Master Alvin Cardona, Sifu Simms, Master Kwan, Sifu S. Chang, Shifu Shi Yong Bin

Grandmaster Greg Mattson and Master Kwan


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